Clover TFT7001 Rear View Camera Review

Clover TFT7001 Rear View Camera
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on April 21, 2014

Rear View CameraThe Clover TFT7001 rearview camera is one of the most popular back up cameras on the market today. With a host of features and accessories, combined with quality build this rear view camera ranks very high on our list.

Clover TFT7001 Rear View Camera Monitor and video quality

The Clover rear view camera comes with a 7ā€¯monitor which is pretty big for these type of units. The resolutions are 512×492 pixel, which is not retina display but still produce a clear, crisp picture.
The LCD screen is of the TFT type, which is top shelf monitor technology. Combine that with 46db signal-to-noise ratio you are left with a high video quality. Like all good back up cameras the Clover TFT 7001 has the image reversal option on the monitor, which is a must for ease of use.
The monitor is also capable of handling multiple cameras, so if you require a second camera this will be a great option.
A remote control is included in the package so if the screen is mounted out of the way you can still control it easily.

Cameraclover-tft70014 rear view camera

The rear view camera is of a rugged steel construction with an adjustable mounting unit. Clover has put some effort to make it a weatherproof unit and it shows.
The camera image sensor is of the CCD type, which is the best image sensor on the market today.
The camera also delivers a 130 deg angle-of-view which is the sweet spot.


Clover provides a detailed installation kit with instructions and there is also a call center that can help you incase you need help. The system has a 1-year warranty, which is pretty standard.


The Clover TFT7001 rear view camera is a high quality back-up camera. With the big monitor and top quality part this unit is probably the top rear view camera on the market today and comes highly recommended. There have been some complaints with difficult installation but with the helpline you should be able to solve any issues. Have a look at the rear view camera comparison chart for more options.


  1. george rehfeld says

    i love this system. i have had it for 7 years. george rehfeld

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