Kenwood CMOS-300 Rear View Camera Review


Kenwood CMOS-300 Rear View CameraThe Kenwood CMOS-300rear view camera is a stand-alone unit and a monitor is not supplied. The camera is compatible with all Kenwood in-dash monitors or any other monitor with a RCA connector.


Rear View Camera Specification

The camera uses a 1/4” CMOS image sensor and that delivers around 310K pixels, which is high video quality.
The camera has a super wide field-of-view of 190° horizontal and 158° vertical which provide excellent near field-of-view of anything close behind you.

Multi-View Camera

The camera has an included dash-mount switch, which allows you to cycle through all the different view modes, certain Kenwood monitors will allow you to control the unit on the touch screen.
The different viewing options are:
Wide View: Field-of-view of a 130deg
Super Wide View: Field-of-view 190deg
Overhead View: Image is shown from straight above the vehicle
PinP View: The screen is split in 2, the upper half showing the overhead view while the lower half shows the wide-angle view.
Corner View: The view as seen from the 2 corners of the vehicle is displayed on the left and right side of the screen.
The image can be adjusted to left-right, up-down or center on the screen.
The guidelines on the screen can also be adjusted to your liking to ensure accurate reversing. By setting these guidelines on your screen you will be able to tell exactly how far you are from an object or vehicle.
The camera delivers mirror image for rear view confirmation.

Here is a look of all the different functions of the camera:

Wiring and Installation

The camera is housed in a waterproof aluminium casing and must be connected to a power source, monitor and the review light to enable the auto reverse function to work.

Kenwood CMOS-300 Rear View Camera Summary

This rear view camera is a high quality product and delivers one of the highest video qualities. The host of different viewing options and adjustment of the guideline makes the camera perform outstandingly. The fact that it does not come with a monitor is a bit of a let down, but it is compatible with almost all monitors on the market. It is a pricey camera and combined that you still have to fork out for a monitor might put it above some peoples price bracket. With the right combination monitor you will have one of the best systems on the market today.

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Kenwood CMOS-300 Rear View Camera
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on April 30, 2014

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