Master Lock 4843DATSEN Review


 rear view cameraMaster Lock’s aim was to produce a rear view camera that was specifically designed for towing and easy to install. The Master Lock 4843DATSENwas born and it ticks most of the feature that the designers were after.


Rear View Camera Monitor

The monitor is a colour 3.5-inch unit with 480×243 pixels. The system is 2.4GHz wireless system so no additional wiring is needed. No remote is supplied with the unit and there is no multi-camera capability, what you see is what you get.

Back-up Camera

When the tow-bar is not in use, the camera can either slide in a 1.25 inch or 2inch tow- tube. When the tow is in use there is a powerful magnetic mount that will mount the camera anywhere you please. The mount is capable of swivelling 90 deg so it can be adjusted to any angle. The camera provides a standard 130 deg field-of-view.
The camera plugs into the existing trailer harness so no extra wiring is needed to power the unit.

Wiring and Installation

There is no dispute the ease of installation of this unit (that is if your vehicle has a towing hitch already). No wiring between the camera and monitor, monitor plugs into the 12v socket and camera into trailer harness, done. It does suffer from the same interference as all wireless units. The parts that make up the system are not top shelf components, but the manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty.

Have a look at this video:

Master Lock 4843DATSEN Summery

This rear view camera was designed for towing, period. It’s ease of use to attach your boat or trailer makes it popular for weekend warriors going fishing or camping. If you are looking for a more permanent setup for everyday driving, you should look at some other options. If you just want to make your life easy hooking up your boat this will do the trick.


Master Lock 4843DATSEN
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on April 28, 2014

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