Panasonic CY-RC50KU Rear View Camera Review


Rearview CameraThe Panasonic CY-RC50KU is a universal camera that works with all Panasonic head units and other third party monitors.

Rear View Camera Specifications:

The camera has a ¼” color CCD image sensor that delivers around 250 000 pixels  (500×500 resolution) which translates into a good quality image.  The signal-to-noise ratio is 46db, which is pretty standard for most systems.

The focal length is 1.94mm and give’s the camera a field of view of 134deg horizontal and a 103 deg vertical.

The camera is automatic sensitivity enabled and it allows you to see in low light condition and bright light.


Wiring and Installation:Panasonic Rear View Camera

The camera is a stand-alone unit and no monitor are provided. In the box is the necessary power harness and cables. The unit allows you to wire it into the reverse lights for auto switching.



  • Rear View Camera: W = 1.099″, H = 0.835″, D = 1.165″
  • Rear View Camera With Bracket/Stand: W = 1.572″, H = 1.145″, D = 1.354″
  • Power Supply Box: W = 3.165″, H = 1.096″, D = 3.036″


Panasonic CY-RC50KU Rear View Camera Summary

This Panasonic rear view camera sits well and truly in the middle of the pack when it comes to performance and components.

It does not have any other features like reverse guidelines and an additional third party must be purchased if you do not have a build-in dash monitor. The camera is also priced more then what you expect for its capabilities and features, especially as you might still need to invest in an additional head unit.

Better option is available for cheaper, this is not a recommended unit. Have a loot at this comparison rear view camera chart for better performers.


  1. Sherif morgan says

    How can I can connect it to Panasonic 78035 head unit

  2. K. O. SOLOMON says

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to fix the rear view camera in my car. I am using a Toyota Corola Altis car having the Panasonic audio system with video monitor facility and the model No. is PZ071-12007 and ref.No CV-VS70G6NT.

    Please let me whether the Rear View Camera is compatible to the above audio system. If it is compatible please send me the detail where to give the cable connection in the audio system.


    • Mr Solomon,

      I have the exact same car and model. Could you succeed in connecting a rear view camera. If so I would like to know details.

      My Gmail mail is sanand.bnglr . No. 9845013093


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