Peak PK0RB Rear View Camera Review


Peak rear view cameraPeak (yes, the car coolant manufacturer) has stepped into the rear view camera market with the Peak PKC0RB wireless rear view camera.


Rear View Camera Specifications

This rear view camera is designed as an entry-level rear view camera with ease of installation and a limited budget in mind.
The models come in a 3.5”, 4.2” and 7” monitors, although the camera specifications stay the same. The camera provides a 110deg field of view that is slightly less than the industry standard but still adequate. The system is wireless and runs on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Being wireless the installation is easier but is susceptible to interference and poorer video quality (like most wireless systems).
The monitor comes with a suction cup for your windscreen and a 12v power plug.

Wiring and Installation rear view camera

This rear view camera system is designed with simple installation in mind. The camera bolts on to your license plate and the transmitter can be installed anywhere inside the car. The system connects to the reverse lights and the monitor powers on when it receives a signal from the camera. The wiring has a IP rating of 66 which is under what we would like to see for a rear view camera system.
Here is a video of the system (note the monitor has been upgraded since this video was made):


Peak PK0RB Rear View Camera Review:

This rear view camera is an entry-level system and comes with no bells and whistles. There are no reverse guidelines or mirror image options. The wireless design combined with the license plate mount for the camera makes installation simple and easy. The unit feels a bit on the cheap end, but with a price tag for under a $100 you cannot expect much more.
If you look for a cheap, easy installation unit with no extras this might be for you. If you would like a better quality camera system with more features I would look elsewhere.
Do not buy this unit if you want to attach it to the back of your caravan or trailer, the distance will be too great for the system to provide a functional image.


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