Pioneer ND-BC6 Rear View Camera Review


Pioneer rear view cameraPioneer is a well-known household brand and they make quality products at affordable prices. The Pioneer ND-BC6 Universal Rear View Camera is the latest model in the Pioneer range.

Rearview Camera Features


The ND-BC6 is a universal rearview camera and is designed to fit all Pioneer and other manufacturer in-dash monitors that have an RCA input (no head unit is supplied with the camera). The rearview camera utilizes a 1/3.6” color CMOS image sensor which has 330 000 pixels and delivers a very clear, crisp image. The CMOS sensor is high quality and  eliminates the “starburst” lines, which is common in lower quality sensors when the lens is exposed to bright light. Combine that with a 38db signal to noise ratio and it makes for a high quality camera. The wide-angle lens delivers 138° horizontal and 114° vertical which is the angle most manufacturers prefer because it provides excellent near field view of anything behind you. The back-up camera also makes use of Automatic Sensitivity Compensation, which enables the camera to operate from dark environments to bright sunlight. It also has mirror image capability for easy reverse parking.

Wiring and Installation

One of the attractions of this rear view camera is its compact size. The dimensions are 0.9”W x 0.9H x 1.3”D and makes it easy to hide. The chassis is a waterproof aluminium housing with a bracket. Included in the kit is 21’ of cable for the installation.

Pioneer ND-BC6 rear-view camera summary

The ND-BC6 delivers a good quality, clear, crisp image and the installation is straightforward. The camera does not have the parking guidelines feature that some other cameras have but it is also half the price. The fact that it does not come with a head unit could be a deal-breaker if you still need to purchase a monitor. For the same price you can find a monitor and camera of similar quality.

Pioneer ND-BC6 rear view camera
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on June 16, 2014

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