Rearview Safety RVS-770613 rear view camera review


Rear view cameraRearView Safety specialises in back-up cameras and they have a wide range of models that will fit everybody’s needs.  The RVS 770613is one of their most popular rear view cameras and it’s the one we recommend.


Rear View Monitor

The unit is fitted with a large 7” TFT LCD screen and it delivers a high quality video. The monitor is connected to a 3-channel multiplexer which allows you to add 2 more cameras or even a DVD player. The monitor shows distance grid lines which make reverse parking easy and the unit also comes standard with mirror image capability. This back-up camera system is also fitted with a microphone and speakers which are especially helpful for large trucks or buses. Rearview Safety RVS-770613 rear view camera

Rear View Camera

The RVS-770613 camera is a ¼ Sharp (one of the best on the market at present) colour CCD image sensor and delivers around 250K pixels. In layman’s term it’s the bleeding edge of rear view camera technology at the moment. The Camera focal length is 2.1mm and has an angle-of-view of 130deg. The camera is fitted with 18 infrared lights and enables you to see up to 50 feet in complete darkness. A foam ring around the lens also prevents any glare from these lights. back-up camera

Wiring and Connections

The camera housing is made of heavy-duty zinc metal and all connectors are of aircraft grade standard. The unit has an IP rating of 68, which makes it completely waterproof and submersible. The whole system has a vibration rating of 20G and a shock rating of 100G, which the manufacturer claim is the highest in the industry. back-up camera

Rearview Safety RVS-770613 rear view camera review

The Rearview Safety RVS-770613 rear view camera is a high quality unit. All the components of the system are top shelf and it is hard to find a fault. The 7” screen might be too big for a family car dash, but that’s being picky and also a personal preference. This back-up camera is the leader of the pack and comes very highly recommended.


Rearview Safety RVS-770613
Rear View Camera
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on April 27, 2014

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