Sony XA-R800C Rear View Camera Review


Rear view CameraSony is a well-known household brand of quality electronic products. The Sony XA-R800C rear view camera is a stand-alone camera in the middle of the rage when it comes to features and pricing.


Rear View Camera

The camera is compatible with all Sony monitors or any other monitor with composite inputs (RCA connectors).

The camera have a ¼” CCD image sensor which delivers 210K pixels and the signal-to-noise ratio is around 40db. The resolution of the back-up camera is 510×492 and is pretty much in the middle of the pack.

The field-of-view is 138deg horizontal and 92deg vertical which is adequate for every day purposes.

When the camera is connected to the reverse lights the auto switch is enabled and will switch on automatically when the car is put in reverse.

The camera also delivers the video as a mirror image for easy reversing.


Installation and wiring

The camera comes with a waterproof aluminum housing and can be mounted by either 4 screws or double sided tape. The system is 12V and the wiring goes from the camera to the monitor and also from the camera to the reverse lights for power and auto switching.


Sony XA-R800C rear view camera summary

This rear view camera is of good quality and in the medium price range. It does not have all the high-end features like the Kenwood CMOS-300, like guidelines and different view angles but it’s also about a $110 cheaper. The fact that it does not come with a monitor and still cost the same as some of the systems with a monitor plus extra features puts it slightly on the back foot. If you are going through the effort of installing a rear view camera you might as well fork out some more money and get all the features that most units have as standard.

Have a look at the comparison review table to see more options.

Sony XA-R800C
Rear View Camera
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on May 4, 2014

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